Slow Hole To China (Reissue)

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Clutch's "Slow Hole to China", originally released in 2003 is a compilation album featuring rare tracks and B-sides not found on their mainstream releases. The album showcases the band's signature fusion of rock, funk, and metal with a raw, underground vibe, highlighting their eclectic style and lyrical creativity. These groove-heavy songs are remastered and the album artwork is updated. "Slow Hole to China" showcases the robust, energetic flair typical of Clutch's distinctive sound.

CD version includes three additional tracks not found on LP version.


Track 1 - King of Arizona

Track 2 - Slow Hole to China

Track 3 - Nickel Dime

Track 4 - Sea of Destruction 

Track 5 - Oregon

Track 6 - Easy Breeze

Track 7 - Hale-Bopp Blues

Track 8 -  Four Lords (and One More)

Track 9 - Rising Son

Track 10 - Guild of Mute Assassins

Track 11 - Willie Nelson

Track 12 - Equinox

Track 13 - Hoodoo Operator

Track 14 - Day of The Jackalope

Track 15 - Ship of Gold (West Virginia)