Horseshoe Lithograph Print

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Show Posters from the Vault of the Clutch Warehouse
-Limited quantities available

-Free domestic shipping*

-No discounts, no returns or exchanges

Dimensions: 33 X 23-1/2

These are original poster prints pulled from the band's personal collection.
Although in very good condition, due to their age and the fact that these came from storage, some copies will show some shelf wear or possible bent corners. Because of the very limited nature of these items, we cannot accept any returns (with the exception of extreme circumstances).

Additionally, it should be noted that the image shown for each product is one of the actual pieces that we received from the band’s collection for that specific design and date - and although they are suitable for framing they DO NOT include frames.

Some designs have more stock than others but all are VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES and ONLY DOMESTIC ORDERS will be filled (no international orders will be processed.)

*Applies to print item only. Any items ordered in addition to print(s) will be subject to normal shipping charges.